The next step in social interaction

It's time for something new

What if you don't have to follow anyone to stay informed?

What if you can share your news with everyone around you?

Impossible you say? Too much data? Think again!


Receive messages based on your location and keep your timeline slim and relevant. Send messages to reach as far as you have earned through your profile status.

No Old News

Yesterday's news is old news. With zero historical clutter you only see the information you need to know today. No sense in living in the past, right?

No Spoilers

If there's someone you don't like, one of those people who know absolutely everything or find social interaction challenging, hide 'em and keep it clean.

No Offenders

Flag any message you find to be offensive. Is this person dreaming up news? Flag 'em. Are they taking chances and trying to advertise rubbish? Flag 'em. 3 Strikes and they're out.

There's more

ten5 Is packed with features

User Profiles

See who posts quality content.

Real First Names

Because anonymity breeds anarchy.

Facebook Login

For ease of use and for keeping order.

Custom Avatars

For those bad hair days.

Facebook Headers

An optional personal touch for your profile.

Location Anonymity

Deliberate, coarse 1km geo-sensing radius.

Relay Messages

Forwarding a message expands its range and earns you points.

Flag Messages

Help maintain order.

Attention to Detail

Write optional detail on message headlines.

More to come!

Exciting enhancements planned for future releases.

Join the ten5 beta programme

ten5 Is still in development. If you would like to join our beta programme, please get in touch with us at:


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